Our Mission & History

Vardo /ˈvɑːdəʊ/ (n.): A highly decorated and intricately designed gypsy caravan.

We carefully select styles that cater to the free-thinking woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. Our clothing meets the needs of modern-day disco dolls, festival-hopping fairies, and everyone in between. We encourage you to dive headfirst into self-expression and forget about what everyone else thinks. BE YOU AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

Our store is located on the second floor of The Bread House in historic downtown Albany. The building we occupy was built as a house in 1908, and since then it has been home to a variety of businesses. The Bread House purchased the property while it was a daycare, and thus began 11 months of renovations. The framework of the building was left untouched to maintain the integrity of the house. We are unique in the sense that our boutique is variety of rooms instead of one large one, and each room was carefully decorated by a team of creative individuals. We have only been open since May of 2016, but with passion and hard work we have grown far more than we could have ever imagined during those first few months. Thank you for being a part of our vision.